I teach privately and have taught at dozens of weekend and 5-day courses. The workshop descriptions below are intended for course organizers who want to choose topics for me to teach, and also for students who want to get an idea of what the workshop is about.  I have outlines for all of these, and I am always adding more, so this is not an exhaustive list.

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The following are materials I often pass out at workshops, plus a few articles I have written on various teaching subjects:

Dick’s Favorite Warm-up Exercises for Northumbrian Smallpipes (pdf)
This usually accompanies the talk “Basic Technique for Advanced Pipers”, but it’s somewhat useful on its own, especially if the player is quite sure what is their ideal hand position.

The Secret of Melody (pdf)
This is an article on ear-training for Northumbrian smallpipers.

Practice Techniques for Learning Variation Sets
An article published in the NSPSNA newsletter.

How to play music faster: ideal practice methods for adult musicians
Originally a talk given at the Piper's Gathering in Burlington, Vermont, in August 2011, which focuses both on efficient use of practice time and building speed, primarily intended for older players.
Download "play faster" pdf


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